Back in a while & other songs e

Now that you’re alone please tell me
How do you feel, what’s on your mind
You’ve been livin’ for years pretending
To feel no pain and never cry

Takin’ care just of you
And never tell her the truth
Now you’re here with nothin’ to do

Your time goes by
And soon you’ll feel your days have gone
It ain’t too late to change
There’s plenty of things you never saw
And the times you’re happy will come again
I hope you know

So you try to reach your Heaven
The road is dark, no people there
With a tear you go back
The weather is foggy and rainy everywhere

Sit down and wait
He will come
There is no reason to run
There’s someone comin’ to show you the sun

Your time goes by
But your days haven’t yet gone
You’ve got still time to change
You’ll see the trees when they’ll have grown
And the times you’re happy have come again
And now you know