Fede ©2007
Leaving the past behind

Looking inside of you
My thoughts are vanishing in the air
Looking inside of you
The world around’s no longer scared
While I linger on the road I’m walking thru’
Looking inside of you
I find my steps and I start to move

Now with the sunshine lighting my way
I realize I’d like to stay
And feel you with me everyday
My mind is running without frontiers
There is a chance, there is no fear
There’s one more life that seems so clear

Looking inside of you
The moon is rising up in the sky
Looking inside of you
A shiver’s running down my spine
When I read the words that once I thought were true
Looking inside of you
My senses wake up and change my views

I’m looking east here’s a new day
Reflexes shine among the waves

Things will never be the same
I have turned around the bend
Some will never understand
But I get along with no regrets

I fall asleep down on the ground
And in my dream I hear a sound around