Fede & Daddy ©2007
Leaving the past behind

I stare at the wood and I hear

Raindrops that gently fall
Washing the grass, the trees and all their leaves

The night’s fadin’ out and I see
The red light of dawn risin’ up
Painting the sky and the feelings inside of me

The sun is brightening a brand new day
And I smell the magic coming up from the grave

I’m tryin’ to leave all the past behind
And now it’s the chance to make it work out fine

Spring up again and let the world go by
In this wild Heaven you can never think twice
Just live your time

I wish that I could find the reason why
You spent your life telling plenty of lies

And the horizon never looked so clear
If you watch it with eyes that cry no more tears

Hold my hand, the rest is all down to you
But now be sure that I won’t play the fool
You know it’s true

We're leaving the past behind...