Fede ©2007
 Leaving the past behind

I’m watching the train, it’s gonna move
You know, that window become my tube
Wastin’ the night till the sky is clear
I wait for alarm’s nasty ring

Waking up the neighbors with the sounds of my own life
Greeting all the world with the love I feel inside
And plenty of people are wavin’ goodbye

Callie, they say
Wastin’ time it’s a shame
I wish one day I hear you calling my name
And if I only had a chance
To put the world in the palm of your hand
You know I don’t lie
I just hope you’ll be mine
I sit here smiling and I stare at the sky
I’d be forever by your side
To fill the empty spaces left in your mind

I walk in the crowd thinkin’ of you
Faces I meet never look blue
Taking a picture, asking me how
Can I steal the days ramblin’ around

What I heard about you isn’t worth for me at all
I just figure out all the things I’ve done before
And I don’t complain for those who went wrong